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The most common type of baldness is men, male pattern baldness, typically begins with a receding hairline and continues back to the crown and possibly extends to the sides. In sever cases, all hair on the head is lost and while there is no sure cure for this genetically predisposed condition, there is male pattern hair loss treatment methods showing signs of success on the market.

One of the only male pattern hair loss treatment regimens approved by the Food and Drug Administration is an over-the-counter ointment containing minoxidil and sold under the trade name of Rogaine. Another product, Propecia containing finasteride is available in pill form by prescription only. Due to finasteride in a larger dosage being used as a treatment for an enlarged prostate, as a male pattern hair loss treatment it requires stricter control.

With recent advances and FDA approval many items used in male pattern hair loss treatment have become more widely accepted as opposed to previous efforts being considered ineffective oils and creams, sold strictly for profit. While it is well documented that minoxidil and finasteride will not have a positive effect on every user, many sellers of unproven products use that excuse for why their product is not helping people grow hair.

Limited Success Growing Hair Grow Usage

With a success rate of just under 50 percent, minoxidil and finasteride achieve success rates of previous male pattern hair loss treatments presented and also achieve more hair growth than other products using the same or similar ingredients. A few companies use minoxidil and mix natural herbs such as saw palmetto into a mix, sold as pills, ointments and creams and make absurd claims about its effectiveness. Few of these additional items sold as a male pattern hair loss treatment have undergone strenuous clinical trials nor do they have FDA approval to make claims to restore hair.

There are male pattern hair loss treatment products that do work and some that work for a small part of their users. However, as with many cosmetic treatments the old advice of buyer beware is always offered for those that claim to be a male pattern hair loss treatment,and it seems that till now propecia is the only one worthing the effort.

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