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PharmEzy is an online Medical Store with cash on delivery service

Who Are We?

The dream to conquer and a hope with faith and determination, led us to become from none to entrepreneurs. The path is long and the journey is difficult, but our determination and faith upon each of us gives us the abilities to achieve the impossible.

PharmEzy is an entrepreneurial venture by five students of ” , who were leading normal student life till one day when their teacher gave them courage and showed belief upon their talents and capabilities that they too can be the leaders rather than the mere followers.

Now the venture aim has been drastically transformed from just the business extension to providing the services which public crave for, and giving them ease in one of their hectic chores.

The PharmEzians

The idea was initially coined by ” to expand the existing pharmacy business of his father, from a normal town shop to national and then international pharmaceutical dealing business, by the use of latest trends and technologies.

He then formed a team among his fellows, in supervision with the teacher, ” who showed them the path. He then came up with the best team in order to do the job;


Marketing & Promotion Head

Leader, Innovator, passionate and focused. When it comes to get a job done.. nothing stand in the way.

Business Analyst & SQA Lead

A multitasker, enthusiast, self motivator and energetic. No matter how much the pressure is, he makes all the worries go away with his smile.. the one who actually knows how to work under pressure.

Software Engineer

Trustworthy, ethical, discreet, well organized with an attitude of self motivation, creativity, and initiative to achieve goals. The one who likes to work with perfection, has an adaptable attitude and a keen learner.

Web Designer & Developer

The geek who placed innovation in all the work he has accomplished so far… with versatile occupations in his life he has managed to achieve an experience with a pinch of fun in it.

Creative Head

With the creativity and diversity in her minds.. she takes her work to another dimension. Determination that keeps her going even in under pressure situations.

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