Languages of Argentina

History of Argentinean Languages

Argentina has a vibrant and colourful history, and this is reflected in its linguistic traditions and constant immigration from the “Old World.” Over the centuries, large numbers of people from Wales, Spain, Germany, England, Switzerland, France, Italy, and Poland have chosen to make Argentina their home. However, thanks to several centuries of Spanish rule, medical tourism travellers are advised to brush up on their espanol.

While Spanish is the official language of Argentina, the way it is spoken here differs from the Spanish that’s spoken in the land of matadors. This is because of the robust Italian influence in Argentina. .

Languages Spoken in Argentina

Argentina is a popular medical tourism destination, so it is not unusual to find streets, shop names and restaurant menus written in English. But the native population, especially in places that do not rank very highly on the tourist circuit, do not speak much English.

Apart from Spanish, the other languages spoken in Argentina include Italian, German, English, and French. There are a few native languages still used by local Argentineans. These are Mapuche, Aymara, Guarani, Toba, and Quechua. In the late 19th century, Argentineans developed a slang called Lunfardo. Many Argentineans speak at least a smattering of this lingo. Lunfardo has elements of Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and other languages, but with a twist. In Lunfardo, words are changed by reversing the syllables. So “tango” would become “gotan” in Lunfardo. A medical tourism vacation to Argentina will definitely prove to be a learning experience.

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