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ADA Compliance Review Corp. offers several
different types of inspections to suite your needs, and your
budget. We offer inspections for business owners, commercial
property owners, and businesses with websites. (Yes even your
website may need to be ADA compliant!) The price of the
inspection depends on the physical size of the business or
property, or depth of website.

Receive a 10% discount coupon with your inspection.

Coupon may be redeemed at our store for products you need for
your property.

Each inspection includes an evaluation
of all relevant, public access space including:

  • Entrances

  • Thresholds

  • Isle ways

  • Counters

  • Bathrooms

  • Elevators

  • Pathways

  • Parking

  • Cash wraps

  • Dressing rooms

  • Signage

Sample report

Scope of inspection

The scope of the inspection relates to
the customer’s responsibility for the property. This may or may
not includes the parking spaces for the individual business, or
the entire parking lot if the inspection is for the property

We begin with the most visible portions
of your building including signage, parking, entrances, and
counters. It has long been assumed that many predatory lawsuits
originate with “scouts” who look for obvious violations. Having
the exterior of your business or property properly marked may
cause these scouts to simply drive by looking for an easier

The inspection continues inside the
business checking isles, elevators, restrooms, and dressing
room, table access (restaurants), emergency exits, signs, for
proper placement and clearances.

All items are checked, photographed, and
entered into our customized software, and a full color report is
issued onsite*. The purpose of the report is two-fold. You
should use the report to remedy any items we discover that are
not in compliance. That is the best way to avoid being sued, and
many repairs are inexpensive. The report can also be used as
evidence if you are sued. It also shows intent on your part to
comply which may find favor with a plaintiff or judge should
this end up in court.

* Inspector’s vehicle is equipped with a
color laser printer. Occasionally it is necessary to deliver the
report after further research is conducted, which may take 24 –
72 hours.

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