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Christmas at Disneyland

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We had such a nice weekend – very relaxing and I got quite a bit of Christmas decorating done. We decided that last weekend was the best weekend to get the tree together. The only bad part – some of the lights were dead on the tree so we had to clip them off! It seemed like it took forever! But now it’s up and we can enjoy. I’m out of town all next week so I’m glad to have a little extra time with the lights.

We also decided to go to Disneyland to see the Christmas decorations. Interestingly, it was dead in the afternoon so we got to ride quite a bit. But once the sun set, it filled up in anticipation of the parades, snow fall and fireworks. We did catch an early snow fall on Main Street, which was so magical. And speaking of magical, the castle looks like it’s frozen! The lights are so cool. My camera does not do it justice. In fact, I told Tim that I am saving up for a really good camera like Joe and Monique’s. And it was a chilly day, so that made it seem even more Christmasy! I�m still getting over a cold and am dealing with an absolute disaster at work, so it was back to reality yesterday!

Enjoy your week!



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This year for Thanksgiving, Tim’s family did something so interesting! They all took the train for 16 hours from Portland to Montana to have Thanksgiving at an Inn right off the rail line. It snowed and looked like a scene out of “Holiday Inn”. I had to share two photos. This is Thanksgiving night and they are all gathered round the table! And the other is the inn itself. My mother in law took the shot of the inn and it looks like a postcard. I was having some technical difficulties!! My posting came up three times, three different ways. I deleted everything except this one. JR also took a bunch of photos and posted�a link to his flickr pictures in�one of the comment sections.�Since I had to delete that posting,�here’s a link to his flickr set if you want to check out more!�


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Another Picture of Joe Popp…..

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Ha-ha! Well, today is his actual birthday! So Happy Birthday Joe Popp! He and Monique and our friends Nicole and Charles came over for Thanksgiving yesterday and this might be a bit trite, but I am so thankful to have such good friends. The pictures you see in my set of a “rock band” is everyone playing the game “rock band” that Joe got on Tuesday. It’s an amazing game! And everyone had fun and rocked the house!

On the food front, things went fairly well – I was so tired! So much standing on Thanksgiving even with all the help I had. And I had a gravy disaster. It was a giant brown mass of goo with flour! Luckily I made turkey stock and Monique came to the kitchen and saved the day! I tried calling my brother to wish him and my parents a Happy Thanksgiving, but they were not around. He is the gravy master and I thought I watched him carefully last year, but alas – it was not to be on the first round.

Today – Monique and I have to work, so I feel sorry for us!! But when I get home, Tim and I have a nice bottle of wine and leftovers – it doesn’t get much better than that! Oh and if you were curious, the tofurkey was a much bigger hit than I thought! Charles had two piecies. I also made vegetarian stuffing/muffins, marinated oranges, brussell sprouts, healthy sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes and an organic turkey. I really overplanned. I’m used to Jon and Al, who usually take home a big plate. I am actually taking turkey, potatoes and stuffing to a girl I work with! She and her sister are new grads and they eat subway almost every day since they hate to cook. I made arrangements ahead of time!


Happy Pre-Thanksgiving….

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Tomorrow we are hosting Thanksgiving for our friends Joe and Monique, and Charles and Nicole. I’m really excited!

I have a pre-holiday charity tip for everyone. My work has a food drive. Our building does too. Tim and I set up a bag in the back hall. Every time we go to the store, we buy something for the bag. If you are anything like us, you run to the store often during the week. We have a lot of food in the bag and by the time I take it to the drive, it will be really full!

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Birthday Bacon Wallet

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Joe’s actual birthday is on Friday, but we celebrated his and my birthday on Saturday night. Monique found this great French restaurant in Brea. It was the strangest experience. It was in a mall area right next to an Islands, but when you walked in it was completely decorated for Christmas. The dinner was excellent and very slowly paced, which made for a nice evening. We gave Joe a bacon wallet – he loves bacon and I found it in St. Paul. It was so bizarre looking – we got him a gift certificate too. I’m not sure a bacon wallet would be enough of a gift! We went back to their place and played Wii – what a system! I told Tim we needed one, but frankly – we don’t need another system! It was a nice night. I’m getting so spoiled with gourmet dinners!


Another Milestone….

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Today is a special day and it’s not just because it is my sister-in-laws birthday! Tim and I met in college and were friends for a year. But twenty years ago to the date, we started dating. We’ve never broken up so it’s a full twenty years. He’s an incredible husband – how lucky I am that I met someone that I would spend the rest of my life with at the age of 19!


Happy Birthday Cathy!!!!

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Boy – do I miss London. What an experience. It’s been hard getting back in to the swing of it. We both came back a little sick and in general, it’s hard to get the trip out of my mind. But the holidays are around the corner. My brother is heading North for Thanksgiving and Jon and Al are going to New York so it’s a new group this year – Monique and Joe and Nicole and Charles. I’m really excited and I hope the turkey turns out good! I’m a little nervous. Our friend Charles sings in a choir so we are attending his concert in December. And we are opening an office in Washington DC. I’ll be there for a full week. Since the room is free and the tickets were so cheap, we got a ticket for Tim too to join me at the end of the week. Everything will be decorated so we will see what DC is like.

I took this pictures of SueAnn on Halloween. She loves her tunnel. Seriously, she plays in it every day! She looked a little demonic so I had to post!


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