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Mr.Dilip George, IB DP Teacher, Canadian International School, Bangalore. (Vairavan’s Colleague)

I have known Mr. Vairavan Ramamoorthy for the past 8 years now, first as a colleague and then as a Supervisor. What I admire the most about Vairavan is his skill to teach Mathematics, in a way that it develops interest amongst the students, ultimately making them excel in the most challenging subject of all. He started his career as a PYP Mathematics teacher and has professionally grown in a short period to become an IB Diploma Programme Mathematics teacher and examiner.

Vairavan’s incredible classroom management skills and strong subject knowledge ensure that even the most unruly and apathetic student is integrated successfully into all activities, becoming an eager and engaged learner.

His joyful, positive approach to Mathematics and his absolute love for teaching have been passed on to many students over the years, who were lucky enough to be mentored and encouraged by this wonderful teacher.

Vairavan’s wealth of information, ideas and helpful tips will be beneficial to any student or colleague.

I am very confident that Vairavan will excel in all his future endeavours. Wishing him the very best.


Mr.Raghuraman Pudupakkam Chandramani,Mathematics Teacher, Anglo Chinese School (International), Singapore

Email: [email protected].com

Mr. Vairavan Ramamoorthy is a good friend, an outstanding teacher and mathematical skills development facilitator whom I knew personally and professionally for ten years. He has a great passion for teaching mathematics to the 21st century learners, has in-depth subject knowledge, makes effective use and integration of teaching tools such as graphing calculator and software packages. He has a thorough knowledge of assessment requirements of international curriculum such as IB (Higher and Standard) and IGCSE (Extended and Additional). He uses innovative student oriented teaching strategies that foster critical thinking and higher order problem solving skills. He is highly skilled and diligent in motivating and preparing students to achieve superior grades through continuous assessment and enhancement of their mathematical skills. He is a person of exceptional moral character ensuring an excellent environment for student learning. I am sure students will benefit greatly under his tutelage.


Ms.Yogesh Dhingra (Vairavan’s HOD in Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Mumbai)    June 24th , 2009

I have known and closely worked with Mr Vairavan Ramamoorthy for the past three years during which time he has been an integral part of the department of Mathematics at Dhirubhai Ambani International School. The school offers International Baccalaureate Diploma Program and International General Certificate of Secondary Examination for international curricula.

Mr Ramamoorthy came across as a hardworking, passionate and a very enthusiastic teacher right at the time of the demonstration lesson he delivered to be selected for the job.  He was rightfully chosen for these essential qualities for a teacher despite more experienced teachers available for the job then and soon became an asset to the organisation.

Mr Ramamoorthy has been teaching Cambridge IGCSE curriculum of Extended Mathematics in grades 8, 9 and 10 for the last three years and Standard Level Mathematics of the IB Diploma program in grades 11 and 12 for the past two years. I have watched this young man mature both personally and professionally who is now demonstrably capable of teaching Higher Level Maths also.

He is a conscientious teacher, willing to give his non-contact time to individual students helping them with their own problems.  He is a very confident teacher who knows exactly what he is trying to achieve in each lesson.  The students respond well to this clarity of purpose.  He has a strong classroom presence, with well-developed classroom management skills. Mr Ramamoorthy has a very good rapport with all his students. They know that they will study hard in his classes and they will learn well. I have found him to be well versed in traditional teaching methods and willing to experiment with new styles.  He adapts the materials and tone of his lessons well to accommodate the class he is teaching.  His lessons are well prepared and excellently delivered.  Technically, he is a very sound mathematician, with good grasp of the topics he is teaching and a thorough knowledge of the syllabuses and course requirements. Mr. Ramamoorthy is intellectually sharp; he is able to apply himself to long term as well as short term, tasks; he is stable in his personal habits and I believe that he is a highly motivated person.  He improved the existing schemes of work from grades 8 to 10, prepared extensive topicwise tutorials and review worksheets for the IGCSE board class in Yr 10. He also contributed immensely in organizing the computer-networked teaching exercises and resources for the Mathematics department.

Mr. Ramamoorthy is a very open minded teacher who is willing to accommodate new ideas. He constantly benefited from the constant interaction and exchange of ideas with the senior faculty teachers. This along with a competitive set of students in the school gave him the chance to direct his teaching towards problem solving. He took out time and showed willingness to learn and share experiences – the good and bad on teachers’ part. Many teachers clearly remember his presentation of a �?lesson on pi’ in a professional development workshop for all school teachers on multiple intelligences; here he explained Bafoon’s experiment and how it works to get value of �?pi’.

Mr Ramamoorthy is a team player and he is very well liked by all of us in the department and outside the department.

He has a very open and easy way of dealing with people.  He has very diligently carried out all his other responsibilities too- be it the class teacher, teacher facilitator for class trips and in common school events.

I wish Mr Ramamoorthy all the very best in his endeavours, I can recommend him without any reservations.


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Table of contents



1. Early ideas on acquired inheritance

2. Some heritable genetic transfer effects

My son looks like my wife’s ex-husband
Pekin ducklings
A pink iridescent glo-chihuahu
Gene therapy
Gene transfer and adaptive mutation in microbes
GM crops, super weeds and super bugs

3. Sperm mediated gene transfer effects

Genetic hitchhikers on the surface of sperm
Smoking can cause sperm damage
Health risk and evolutionary consequences

4. The fluid nature of our hereditary material

Why DNA alone doesn’t tell us much
Making RNA from DNA
Making protein from mRNA
The universe of RNAs
The cell factory
Updating our DNA
A missing link?
Rearranging our genes
Our genes as a ‘living code’

5. Acquired inheritance effects in the

immune system

Early experiments
The immune system in action
Recognition and response
Creating new immune system genes
Acquired inheritance in koalas infected
with an AIDS-like retrovirus
The immune system is not blind

6. Epigenetics: the footprints on our DNA

The same DNA—but oh so different!
You are what your parents eat—sometimes!
More mice tails
Epigenetic inheritance of disease
The mule and the hinny
Why the canary builds a nest in springtime

7. Memories in molecules

How good was your childhood?
Synaptic plasticity and learning to swim
The next Holy Grail
Short term and long term memory storage

8. Lamarck’s night of doubt

Why are some fossils missing in the evolutionary record?
So many miraculous accidents in design
When does information become a ‘fact’?
Resurrecting Lamarck
The Emerging Evolutionary Paradigm

9. Evolutionary learning logic

Evolutionary learning logic in the immune system
Learning to smell the cheese
Genes learning to take on a new role
A Lamarckian view of learning language
Learning and instinct
Learning and intelligence
Lamarckism and societal change
What makes us human?

10. Conscious evolution

Evolutionary thought and conscious evolution
Genetic Responsibility
Introducing HomoSap2
Technology and conscious evolution
Genetic discrimination
So where to from here?

References and notes

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Welcome to The Aspiring Fashionista!

Thank you for joining me at The Aspiring Fashionista. Here I will try my best to continuously bring you what is hot, trendy, top, newsworthy, fashionable, fashion forward (or whatever adjective you can possibly think of) in the fashion and beauty industries. At The Aspiring Fashionista, I am fortunate to have a beautiful group of writers, photographers, stylists — and yes, aspiring fashionistas. This is what I love, and I look forward to sharing it with you.

For those interested in contributing, contact me at [email protected]

About Brent Taalur Ramsey (Lead Blogger):
Brent started his adventures into fashion as a small-town Alabama boy and spent years perusing the pages of fashion glossies. Striking an intense editorial chord over the years, this passion has taken him to Manhattan, where he looks forward to the days of covering the runways at New York Fashion Week while penning The Aspiring Fashionista and working as a full-time copy editor and freelance fashion editor and writer.

He also pens The Aspiring Fashionisto, spawning from his own aspirations to write a fashion and style-based blog for the man who’s looking for straightforward fashion. No hype, no flair. JUST FASHION.

If you’d like to contact him, try: Tweeting @BrentTaalur or Instagram @BrentTaalur.

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Rencana tuhan selalu indah pada akhirnya

Badan Dana Punia Nasional

Rencana Tuhan selalu indah pada akhirnya

Seorang anak melihat ibu yang asik menyulam di atas kain, kemudian anak itu dan melihat dari bawah sulaman ibuknya pada kain, anak itu kemudian bertanya:” ibu sedang membuat apa, kok kayaknya ibu asik sekali” . kemudian ibunya menjawab: “ibu sedang membuat sulaman bunga yang indah untukmu, nak”. kemudian anaknya itu kembali bertanya:”kok aku tidak melihat seperti bunga, yang saya lihat hanya benang warna warni yang semrawut?”. ibunya tersenyum sambil berkata, : “ini ibu sedang mengerjakannya, kamu main aja dahulu, nanti kalau sudah jadi akan ibu panggil kamu”. kemudian anaknya itu pun kembali bermain di lantai, selang beberapa lama kemudian anak itu di panggil sama ibunya,:”nak, sini sulaman bungaya sudah jadi”. kemudian anak itu mendekati ibunya dan melihat sulaman bunga yang di buat ibunya, anaknya kemudian berkata” bu. indah sekali sulaman bunganya, tidak seperti tadi yang saya lihat hanya benang warna warni yang sembrawut tidak jelas”.ibunya pun tersenyum dan berkata:” nak tadi soalnya kamu melihatnya dari bawah, sehingga yang kamu lihat hanya yang buruk saja, berbeda ketika kamu melihatnya dari atas begitu indah sulaman bunganya.

Seperti itulah kehidupan kita, kita sering seperti anak itu, kita melihat kehidupan hanya dari bawah sehingga kita hanya melihat penderitaannya, sedangkan tuhan sudah merencanakan yang begitu indah untuk kita, kita sering mengeluh dan mengatakan tuhan tidak adil, tanpa kita mau melewati semua prosesnya sampai selesai, sama seperti sulaman bunga yang di buat ibu anak itu, jika belum selesai maka kita hanya akan melihat benang warna warni yang sembrawut tidak jelas bentuknya apa, namun setelah sulaman itu jadi, maka kita bisa melihat gambar bunga yang begitu indah.


Ses – getting there

DeVos Place Convention Center
303 Monroe Ave, NW
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503

Grand Rapids Days Inn Downtown
310 Pearl Street NW
Grand Rapids, MI 49504
Phone: 616-235-7611
Rate: Single, Dble, Triple or Quad – $72 plus tax
Walking distance to DeVos Place Van Andel Arena, Ford & Van Andel Museums.

Courtyard Marriot Downtown Grand Rapids
11 Monroe Avenue NW
Grand Rapids, MI 49503
Phone: 616/242-6000
Rate: Kings or Doubles $99 plus tax
Located downtown, the Courtyard is within walking distance of DeVos Place, Van Andel Arena, and the Amway Grand Plaza. Amenities include indoor pool and exercise room.

* The additional hotel options provided are for informational purposes only. SES does not assume liability or guarantee satisfaction with your stay at these properties.

Amway Grand Plaza Hotel
187 Monroe Ave NW
Grand Rapids, MI 49503
Grand Rapids’ premier hotel features six restaurants including the 1913 Room, Michigan’s only AAA Five Diamond restaurant. Other amenities include a fitness center, pool and tennis courts; several shops, boutiques and art galleries. Located in the heart of downtown.

Fountain Hill Bed & Breakfast
222 Fountain St. NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49503
616.458.6621, 800.261.6621
Fountain Hill Bed & Breakfast offers you the opportunity to experience a warm and gracious atmosphere with a distinctive difference. Private baths, jacuzzis, televisions, and air conditioning in the rooms combined with easy accessibility to down town Grand Rapids provide guests the modern conveniences of a hotel with the charm and grandeur of a nine- teenth century home. Only 0.4 miles from downtown.

Hilton Airport
4747 28th St SE
Kentwood, MI 49512
Amenities include complimentary 24 hour airport transportation service; pool, spa & fitness equipment; free weekday newspaper; available dry cleaning service. Only 10 miles from downtown.

Comfort Inn – Airport
4155 28th St SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49512
Complimentary airport transportation. Only 11 miles from downtown.

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Vitality is not merely feeling good, nor having exuberant energy. Vitality comes through the skin, through our posture, and may be the primary quality people respond to (or not) when they are around us. We are naturally attracted to a beautiful flower, not because of its colors or shape, but because of how authentically and courageously it is expressing its life force. For any being to embue that quality indicates to an observer what that being is radiating outward, while being a reminder of what is possible, and what is true for all creatures.

• Enhanced Performance & Capacity

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Prosperity is the presence of abundance, energy, freedom, and fulfillment in one’s life. These arise out of a spirit of harmony, allowing, trust, and gratitude. When one aspect of ourselves is out of balance, or experiencing limitation, it effects all others. When we bring about inner harmony, tranquility, serenity – a well of energy and synchrony resounds within us, and the effect can be felt, seen, and made evident through our every gesture, expression, and relation. This effect can transform lives, relationships, and the whole of our experience individually and collectively.

To be present is perhaps the key to living a life full of joy and celebration. Presence implies being present to oneself, one’s inner impulses, waves, perceptions – while simultaneously being present to what is in the world around us – the communications, gestures, and subtleties expressed through the people and situations in our life. Easeful presence allows a greater intimacy and awareness of self and other, and an access to the ways we create the dynamics within and around us.

There are times in life, when it feels like we’re going in circles..

Sometimes it feels we’ve hit up against a wall..

“The the outer situation is always a reflection of the collective inner situation” – Peace Pilgrim