Millions Of Smokers Have Inhaled One Million Cancer Causing Chemicals Already, Time To Stop Smoking Now.

If you think about it, there must be more to the idea that there are cancer causing chemicals in cigarettes. I was thinking just the other day that of course there are really bad cancer causing chemicals in cigarettes. Yet, people who smoke cigarettes rarely seem worried about this. It reminds me of a carpenters job, but there are many jobs also like this. For instance, my brother was a carpenter and he would come into contact with man nasty chemicals. Just the smells alone were outrageous, such as paints, glues, solvents etc. My stepfather told me that he used to buy benzene in a can to use in the building trade.

There are many many fields of work that put workers in harms way constantly. If this is you, maybe you should rethink your job. Maybe you can use a mask, or a ventilation system. Trust me, I have seen many times that people in this line of work will over look even the most basic of safety rules, just to try to hurry the job along. But the chemicals do not care about machismo. They are chemicals and the dangerous ones will be dangerous no matter what you think about them.

How many exposure do SMOKERS have due to cigarettes? Ok, I want all smokers to think about this. It is reported everywhere that there are about 4,000 nasty chemicals in cigarettes. Of which about 250 are known to cause cancer. 50 chemicals in tobacco smoke are extremely dangerous! Smokers, let’s do the Math Ok, the average puff of cigarette smoke has about 250 chemicals that are strongly related to cancer. What that means smokers, is that every puff you come into contact with 250 killers. Think about that for a minute. Every puff, you come into direct contact with 250 chemicals that can cause, or lead to your death. The chemicals can damage your DNA, and when the DNA gets messed up, cancer can be the result. The damage could occur in cells in your lips, tongue, mouth, throat, lungs all from direct exposure. Indirectly, virtually any cell in your body can be weakened, or attacked by these chemicals.

So now we know how many cancer causing chemicals are in a cigarette, ie 2,500. But, how many are in a pack? For ten cigarettes that would be 25,000 contacts with the cancer causers, and twenty would mean 50,000 contacts a day. That means smokers take 50,000 chances with their life every day. I know they avoid thinking about cancer and such, I did too when I was a smoker! But, the sad fact is that you really only need one of these chemicals to damage one cell in just the right way and bingo, you have loads of trouble. When you look at it like this, it seems more like just a matter of time before something bad happens.

If only that were all there was to the story. As it happens people do not just smoke for one day. If that were true, this article would have no need to exist. The numbers jump to staggering levels from this point. People on average smoke a pack a day. When they do, they get 50,000 cancer causing exposure a day. But in a month, that would be 50,000 times 30 or 1.5 million possible cancer causing exposures per month. If a person played the Lottery this way, would you doubt that they were destined to win? Continuing on, over the course of a year that would be 1.5 million exposures times 12, or about 18 Million exposures a year. Can you even imagine a number like that? But most people smoke even longer than one year, they smoke at least ten. In ten years, they will have had about 180 Million exposures to cancer causing chemicals. At some point even the best optimist has to start worrying! Yet, many many people will smoke until they must quit or die. That means many make it to 30 years. At the 30 year level people have on average 540 Million chemicals. That is over half a Billion!

These cancer causing chemicals are in smoke form. That means they will physically land on every area of your body from your mouth to stomach and lungs. In addition, they are also dissolved and go into your blood stream. That means that these chemicals can eventually affect every part of a smokers body, and there is no way to clean them out. Once inhaled there is no stopping where these nasty chemicals will go. The best course of action is of course to stop smoking.

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