Fight Club Reviewed

Fight Club is a 1999 movie. It is named after the 1996 novel, with the same title. The main characters are Edward Norton and Brad Pitt. Norton narrates the movie. His actual name is never revealed. The narrator goes about his business at his boring job. It is very tedious and he hates his boss. He has to crunch numbers on recalls for an automaker. His job duties include cost verses benefit analysis.

He feels totally stressed out. His job involves a great deal of travel. This keeps him in a state of jet lag. He begins to feel that he has lost control over his life. His job and possessions define him as a person.

He develops insomnia. It continues to worsen. He visits the doctor. The doctor tells him to experience the suffering of others. He goes to many different support groups. One he attends is for testicular cancer. He becomes involved in the groups. He can forget his boring life and concentrate on their suffering. He experiences their anguish. This gives him great emotional release. He can sleep at nights, finally. Then he meets Marla, and all that changes.

He notices the same girl in many of the support groups. Marla is doing the same thing that he is. After a meeting, they talk. She tells him that he is a phony. They decide make a verbal contract. They will split up the support group meetings. She will go to half. He will take the other half. This brings back his insomnia.

About this time, he meets Tyler Durdin. Tyler is a very antisocial person. He is almost the man’s exact opposite. Tyler gives him his phone number as they part. Soon after, his apartment explodes. He calls and asks Tyler, if he can stay with him. Tyler agrees, but there is a catch. He has to hit Tyler in the face. They get into a big fight and when it is over, they feel better.

They get to Tylers home. It is a mess. It appears to be a condemned building. It has a leaky roof. You have to wade through water to get to the fuse box. He has nowhere else to go, so he stays. When he decides to go to another support group, he calls Marla. He wants to be sure that she will not be there. She informs him that she just took a whole bottle of pills and wants to die. As she rambles, he sets the phone down and leaves. Tyler picks up the receiver.

Marla and Tyler become lovers. This surprises the man. What can he possibly see in her? Then Tyler has an odd request. The man can never mention Tyler to Marla. He thinks it is most unusual, but agrees. Meanwhile their fighting club is becoming popular. Many men show up to join each week. They are men from all walks of life.

The club has a strict set of rules. There are three very important ones. Never talk about the club. There are only two men to a fight. On your first night, you have no choice but to fight.

The man learns that Tyler is using the club for a terrorist act. It is called Project Mayhem. He knows that he must stop it. A series of exciting and confusing events ensue. You may be shocked how things turn out with Fight Club.

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