Side effects of actos

Medicines are used to help people live longer lives. That is why making medicine should never be taken for granted. In making medicines, one must undergo a long process.

Researches and long studies should be made to make efficient and safe medicines. Rushing things out and making short cuts in making this business can put people’s lives in danger. Unfortunately, there are still drugs that are being used and being distributed that can cause harm in the health of other people.

There are just particular warnings that companies give to inform the people that there are precautionary measures that they have to remember before taking the products that pharmaceutical companies have. Actos is one of the drugs that are included in this many drugs that have side effects. According to further studies, people who used the drug put their lives in danger. They had a higher risk of having bladder cancer and they are disappointed because of these. This is the reason why the drug was put in trial and was suspended. Medicines should not put their users’ lives in danger.

Users of the said drugs are now starting to consult their physicians. The doctors are also advised to not prescribe the said drug to their patients already. The company behind the actos drug did not included some warnings on their drugs on the possible side effects that the medicine that they have. This only shows that they themselves do not know of this. Deep study about the drug is missing.

The possibility of them having known of the side effect and not putting warning for people to know can even get them in a big problem. At this point, users who were positive of the bad effect of the drug are now seeking legal advice on what to do to the damage that they got.

Actos is the trade name under which the medication pioglitazone is marketed and sold in the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany. It is used to treat type 2 diabetes. In other parts of the world, pioglitazone is marketed and sold as Glustin (the rest of Europe), Glizone (India) or Zactos (Mexico.)

All details provided for informational purposes only, contact an experienced Actos attorney for additional information.

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Christmas at Disneyland

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We had such a nice weekend – very relaxing and I got quite a bit of Christmas decorating done. We decided that last weekend was the best weekend to get the tree together. The only bad part – some of the lights were dead on the tree so we had to clip them off! It seemed like it took forever! But now it’s up and we can enjoy. I’m out of town all next week so I’m glad to have a little extra time with the lights.

We also decided to go to Disneyland to see the Christmas decorations. Interestingly, it was dead in the afternoon so we got to ride quite a bit. But once the sun set, it filled up in anticipation of the parades, snow fall and fireworks. We did catch an early snow fall on Main Street, which was so magical. And speaking of magical, the castle looks like it’s frozen! The lights are so cool. My camera does not do it justice. In fact, I told Tim that I am saving up for a really good camera like Joe and Monique’s. And it was a chilly day, so that made it seem even more Christmasy! I�m still getting over a cold and am dealing with an absolute disaster at work, so it was back to reality yesterday!

Enjoy your week!



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This year for Thanksgiving, Tim’s family did something so interesting! They all took the train for 16 hours from Portland to Montana to have Thanksgiving at an Inn right off the rail line. It snowed and looked like a scene out of “Holiday Inn”. I had to share two photos. This is Thanksgiving night and they are all gathered round the table! And the other is the inn itself. My mother in law took the shot of the inn and it looks like a postcard. I was having some technical difficulties!! My posting came up three times, three different ways. I deleted everything except this one. JR also took a bunch of photos and posted�a link to his flickr pictures in�one of the comment sections.�Since I had to delete that posting,�here’s a link to his flickr set if you want to check out more!�


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Another Picture of Joe Popp…..

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Ha-ha! Well, today is his actual birthday! So Happy Birthday Joe Popp! He and Monique and our friends Nicole and Charles came over for Thanksgiving yesterday and this might be a bit trite, but I am so thankful to have such good friends. The pictures you see in my set of a “rock band” is everyone playing the game “rock band” that Joe got on Tuesday. It’s an amazing game! And everyone had fun and rocked the house!

On the food front, things went fairly well – I was so tired! So much standing on Thanksgiving even with all the help I had. And I had a gravy disaster. It was a giant brown mass of goo with flour! Luckily I made turkey stock and Monique came to the kitchen and saved the day! I tried calling my brother to wish him and my parents a Happy Thanksgiving, but they were not around. He is the gravy master and I thought I watched him carefully last year, but alas – it was not to be on the first round.

Today – Monique and I have to work, so I feel sorry for us!! But when I get home, Tim and I have a nice bottle of wine and leftovers – it doesn’t get much better than that! Oh and if you were curious, the tofurkey was a much bigger hit than I thought! Charles had two piecies. I also made vegetarian stuffing/muffins, marinated oranges, brussell sprouts, healthy sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes and an organic turkey. I really overplanned. I’m used to Jon and Al, who usually take home a big plate. I am actually taking turkey, potatoes and stuffing to a girl I work with! She and her sister are new grads and they eat subway almost every day since they hate to cook. I made arrangements ahead of time!


Happy Pre-Thanksgiving….

Filed under Holidays, Friends on Wednesday November 21, 2007 at 8:22 pm

Tomorrow we are hosting Thanksgiving for our friends Joe and Monique, and Charles and Nicole. I’m really excited!

I have a pre-holiday charity tip for everyone. My work has a food drive. Our building does too. Tim and I set up a bag in the back hall. Every time we go to the store, we buy something for the bag. If you are anything like us, you run to the store often during the week. We have a lot of food in the bag and by the time I take it to the drive, it will be really full!

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Birthday Bacon Wallet

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Joe’s actual birthday is on Friday, but we celebrated his and my birthday on Saturday night. Monique found this great French restaurant in Brea. It was the strangest experience. It was in a mall area right next to an Islands, but when you walked in it was completely decorated for Christmas. The dinner was excellent and very slowly paced, which made for a nice evening. We gave Joe a bacon wallet – he loves bacon and I found it in St. Paul. It was so bizarre looking – we got him a gift certificate too. I’m not sure a bacon wallet would be enough of a gift! We went back to their place and played Wii – what a system! I told Tim we needed one, but frankly – we don’t need another system! It was a nice night. I’m getting so spoiled with gourmet dinners!


Another Milestone….

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Today is a special day and it’s not just because it is my sister-in-laws birthday! Tim and I met in college and were friends for a year. But twenty years ago to the date, we started dating. We’ve never broken up so it’s a full twenty years. He’s an incredible husband – how lucky I am that I met someone that I would spend the rest of my life with at the age of 19!


Happy Birthday Cathy!!!!

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Boy – do I miss London. What an experience. It’s been hard getting back in to the swing of it. We both came back a little sick and in general, it’s hard to get the trip out of my mind. But the holidays are around the corner. My brother is heading North for Thanksgiving and Jon and Al are going to New York so it’s a new group this year – Monique and Joe and Nicole and Charles. I’m really excited and I hope the turkey turns out good! I’m a little nervous. Our friend Charles sings in a choir so we are attending his concert in December. And we are opening an office in Washington DC. I’ll be there for a full week. Since the room is free and the tickets were so cheap, we got a ticket for Tim too to join me at the end of the week. Everything will be decorated so we will see what DC is like.

I took this pictures of SueAnn on Halloween. She loves her tunnel. Seriously, she plays in it every day! She looked a little demonic so I had to post!


Organic gardening

Organic Gardening is the responsible way to garden.  I’m from Iowa and bald eagles are a common site.  I see them circling above fields, I see them in trees and, in the winter, I see them in large numbers by the river.

So what’s that got to do with organic gardening?  Back when I was in grade school, I can remember the teacher telling us about the bald eagle.  She said it was our nation’s symbol but we were going to have to pick a new one because they were almost all gone.  At one time there were only a few hundred mating pairs left.  Hunting was part of the problem but the pesticide DDT made the almost fatal blow.  It tainted the prey of the eagle and caused the eagles egg shells to be too soft and the embryos died.  The Government (EPA) banned DDT and hunting and now it is officially no longer in danger.

That’s one success story but we have a major problem today with our dwindling bee populations.  Not too many years ago I could go to the garden and hear and see the bees pollinating my squash, cucumbers, etc.  I could walk to the flower bed and see them all over the bee balm, purple coneflowers and black-eyed susans.  Not anymore.  Consequently, my crops like squash and cucumber have been greatly diminished.

It’s very important that when we work in the garden or yard that we understand how fragile our ecological system is.  It’s our responsibility to use garden products that are ecologically friendly.  Please…..always seek out organic Eco-friendly products for your garden or yard!

The following organic gardening product merchants are proven suppliers of excellent products that won’t hurt the environment.  I can tell you that I’ve used Garden’s Alive products for years and my experiences with them have been very positive.  The products that I use are Soap Shield Liquid Copper Fungicide for my tomato plants and flowers, Bull’s-Eye Bioinsecticide, Root Crops Alive (great for potatoes), and this year I’m trying their water garden & pond tablets in my Koi pond (so far no green water).  I have not personally tried Safer Brand products but they’ve been around a long time and have a great reputation.  Whatever product you try, make sure it’s truly an organic, environmentally safe product.



Central nsw region business expo

7.30am to 9.00am Wednesday May 2 How to face the drought and come out the other end a winner! David Wilson, Expo Business Coach $27.50 (inc gst) including Breakfast inc GST 9.15am to 10.15am Wednesday May 2 Regional Opportunities Briefing Hosted by Greg Beileiter, NSW Department of State & Regional Development with Gary Styles, General Manager, Orange City Council; and Tom Murphy, Western Research Institute free inc GST 9.30am to 10.00am Wednesday May 2 Choosing the right sales channels for your business Ailsa Page free inc GST 9.30am to 10.00am Wednesday May 2 How to get paid � on time Paul Kenna free inc GST 10.30am to 11.00am Wednesday May 2 Innovative Thinking to Grow Your Business Toney Fitzgerald free inc GST 10.30am to 11.00am Wednesday May 2 Is belief the most important ingredient for a successful business? Mark Crutcher, Grenfell IGA free inc GST 10.30am to 11.00am Wednesday May 2 The Internet isn�t just about Websites� Juliet Duffy free inc GST 10.30am to 11.00am Wednesday May 2 SMEXporters� and the Long (Roo) Tail� Peter Morris free inc GST 11.30am to 12noon Wednesday May 2 How to run a successful home based business Julian Campbell free inc GST 11.30am to 12noon Wednesday May 2 Safe business is good business Workcover NSW Business Assistance Unit free inc GST 11.30am to 1.00pm Wednesday May 2 Third camel, fifth jar�and other tales of customer service Debra Templar free inc GST 12.30pm to 2.00pm Wednesday May 2 It�s not what you say it�s the way that you say it: Business Communication Workshop John Brownsea free inc GST 12.30pm to 1.00pm Wednesday May 2 How to put up your price Ailsa Page free inc GST 12.30pm to 1.00pm Wednesday May 2 The Help is Out There Hosted by Jacqui Hogan, Small Business Field Officer, free inc GST 1.30pm to 2.00pm Wednesday May 2 The juggling act. Keeping the balance between life and work Kerrie Phipps free inc GST 1.30pm to 2.00pm Wednesday May 2 Skilled Migration – Is it a Solution to the Skill Shortage? Chris Morrison free inc GST 2.30pm to 3.00pm Wednesday May 2 How to calculate your Charge out rate David Wilson free inc GST 2.30pm to 3.00pm Wednesday May 2 What Women Want: Marketing to Women Debra Templar free inc GST 2.30pm to 3.00pm Wednesday May 2 More sales, bigger sales, better sales Julian Campbell inc GST 2.30pm to 3.00pm Wednesday May 2 The Paparazzi Feeding Frenzy � What bait to use on your hook� Yvette Aubusson-Foley free inc GST 3.30pm to 4.00pm Wednesday May 2 I think I can, I think I can: How to tap into motivation and spread the vibe John Brownsea free inc GST 3.30pm to 4.00pm Wednesday May 2 Marketing on a shoestring Ailsa Page free inc GST 3.30pm to 4.00pm Wednesday May 2 Effective Networking David Wilson, Expo Business Coach free inc GST 4.30pm to 5.00pm Wednesday May 2 Mastering the basics of advertising Debra Templar free inc GST 4.30pm to 5.00pm Wednesday May 2 Should I stay or should I go? (Go!) Peter Morris free inc GST 4.30pm to 5.00pm Wednesday May 2 Have you built yourself a business or bought yourself a job…and does it matter? John Brownsea free inc GST 5.30pm to 6.00pm Wednesday May 2 Cash flow. Vital for business � but at what cost? David Wilson free inc GST 5.30pm to 6.00pm Wednesday May 2 How to get all 8 types of buyers to buy from you Debra Templar free inc GST

Montinore road race

The Montinore Road Race begins at beautiful Montinore Estate Vineyard in Forest Grove, OR and follows a 6-mile (10K) loop through lush rolling countryside, with 316-ft. elevation gain per lap and uphill finish.  The race is great for novice and experts alike. 

9:00 am            Cat 1/2/3 Men (10 laps, 100K)

9:05 am            Master Men 35+ 1/2/3 (8 laps, 80K)
                        Men Master 50+ 1/2/3 (8 laps, 80K)

9:10 am            Women 1/2/3 (8 laps, 80K)

12:30 pm          Men 4/5 (6 laps, 60K)

12:35 pm          Master Men 35+ 4/5 (6 laps, 60K)

12:40 pm          Women 4/5 (4 laps, 40K)
                        Women 40+ (4 laps, 40K)

DIRECTIONS (about 55 minutes from Portland):
Drive west on Hwy. 26 approximately 20 miles, take exit for Hwy. 6 and follow for 2.6 miles. Turn right (south) on Hwy. 47 (toward Forest Grove) and follow for 10.3 miles.  Turn right on Dudney Ave. and follow for .12 miles.  Turn right on Dilley Road and follow .3 miles.  Turn left at Montinore Estate Vineyard, 3663 SW Dilley Road.  Follow signs for parking and Race Registration.

Adult:  $30
Junior:  $20

Closes Friday, July 12 at 5pm.
Adult:  $25
Junior:  5

Single race and annual memberships are available at Registration, or at
OBRA membership required for pre-registration.

Medals 3 Deep/Category

[email protected]
c. 971-400-1840

A palace on dallas – welcome

Be our guest at A Palace on Dallas — Oceanfront
Bed & Breakfast, in beautiful Victoria, BC, Canada. The warmth
of our restored home welcomes you at th
e door. Built in 1908, it is
the oldest home now in Ross Bay, and features 12-foot ceilings, fir
wood floors and spectacular views of the Strait of Juan de Fuca and
the majestic Olympic Mountains in Washington State.

To meet Jodi & Tim is to make new friends.

and Jodi Baker, Innkeepers

and Tim’s
energy and excitement about the wonderful city of Victoria
will surely add magic to your stay at A Palace on Dallas at the
oceanfront. So much a part of a good trip are the people that you
meet along the way, and Jodi and Tim will make sure your stay is as
fun and as comfortable as possible. If you like, they will help you
plan what to do and see, and where to dine. They have over the past
few years lovingly restored this home to make it what it is today.
They are so proud of their A Palace on Dallas accomplishment that
they wish to share it with you and the world! 

Top 3 Reasons to Stay:

1) Location, Location, Location — only a 5-minute drive or 30-minute
walk to downtown

2) Views, Views, Views — stunning ocean and mountain views

Ocean outside our front

comfort, comfort
— Jodi’s homemade cookies in your room, and cozy
living spaces to enjoy.

“Dallas Road — Something for Everyone!”

• Fishing and whale watching right here.
Artists — we are near the Art Gallery
of Greater Victoria, and our neighbourhood hosts the Moss St. Paint-In
each July (this year on Sat. July 19, 2003 — 1:00 to 4:00 pm)
Sailors — The start of the SwiftSure
Classic Boat Race is in front of our house! It’s a huge weekend, late
May, so book early.

Race 2003

Music Lovers — Jazz Fest is June 20
to 29
this year — 12 downtown venues.

International Jazz Fest in

Kite flyers & surfers — Cl
over Point
is the place. People come from all over town on a windy day.
Joggers – People from around town come
to Dallas Road to run, walk, bike and blade.

Jog, bike and beach comb.

Beacon Hill Park – 15 minute walk from
us, amazing and historic.
Ross Bay Cemet
ery – tours every Sunday
Romantics — Best place to watch a sunrise
and sunset.
Sunday drivers — this is it,
Road is
scenic drive.

Special offer espresso maker on sale !

Le Creuset Stoneware 2

$ 55.00

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Ghirardelli Chocolate

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Aroma AWK-115S Hot H20

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Green Mountain Coffee Hazelnut,  K-Cup Portion Pack for Keurig K-Cup Brewers, 24-Count
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Copper Turk for Coffee

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Presto 02910 SaladShoo

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Coffee People Donut Sh

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Nail cabana

Product Information

Nail Cabana Colored Acrylic Powders are made with Acrylic Nail Powder, Non-Toxic Glitters, and Non-Toxic Pigments. These powders can be used for 3D Nail Art or Art Embedded in clear acrylic!

For Best Results, the Nail Cabana recommends:

Glow in the Dark Powders and Neon Lights Powders (Fluorescents):
¯Do not use a UV blocking topcoat. This will inhibit glowing/fluorescent effect.
¯For use with any monomer, however a violet colored monomer is recommended.
¯Due to the heavy pigment concentration, it is recommended that a thin layer of regular acrylic is laid onto the nail first to prevent any staining of the natural nail.
¯These Powders should be used with an extremely small amount of monomer. The phosphorescent and fluorescent pigments are very heavy in comparison to acrylic polymers and may separate slightly if too much monomer is used. A slight swirling motion while acrylic is still wet will help if pigments separate.

Crystal Powders (Clear with Sparkling Additives), Glitter Galore, and Coconut (Basics White):
¯Can be used as regular acrylics.
¯Can be used directly on nail surface, but it is recommended (although not necessary) to use a thin layer of clear acrylic first.
¯For use with any monomer, however a violet colored monomer is recommended.
¯Use of a UV blocking Topcoat is recommended to prevent any discoloration from the sun or other UV rays.

Licorice (Basics Black):
¯This Colored Acrylic was designed to be used for 3D Nail Art or as nail extensions.
¯It should be used over a thin layer off clear acrylic first to prevent pigment transfer to natural nail.
¯For use with any monomer, however a violet colored monomer is recommended.
¯Use of a UV blocking Topcoat is recommended to prevent any discoloration from the sun or other UV rays.

All Other Colored Acrylic Powders:
¯Due to the high pigment concentration these powders should be applied over a thin layer of clear acrylic first to prevent any staining of the natural nail.
¯For use with any monomer, however a violet colored monomer is recommended.
¯Use of a UV blocking Topcoat is recommended to prevent any discoloration from the sun or other UV rays.

**All of the Nail Cabana Acrylics are meant to be used with any Traditional Violet Monomers, although they should work with all Traditional Monomers. The violet color helps to retain the original color of the powder.**
**In order to keep their colors, (with the exception of the Neon Lights and Phosphorescent Colors) they should be coated with a UV Blocking Topcoat (such as the Acrylic Sealer). The UV Blocking Topcoat will also help to prevent any yellowing that may occur due to frequent exposure to the sun or UV rays.**
**Due to the pigment content, the colored acrylics are not as strong as traditional acrylics. These colored acrylics can stain natural nails if a thin layer of clear or regular powder is not applied to the natural nail first. They should not be used alone on the nail.**
**If using these powders to overlay a nail, a thin layer of clear or regular acrylic should be placed on the nail first, then the colored acrylic, and finally another thin layer of clear acrylic.**
**If using these powders for 3D Nail Art, it is best to apply the colored acrylic directly onto nail enhancements. They should not be placed directly onto the natural nail due to possible pigment transfer.**

3 steps to improve your lead generation

At some point, every customer of yours was a prospective buyer. And, that prospect was a lead generated by any of a number of techniques. If you want to get a better return on your lead generation efforts, here are three things you can do right now:

1. Stop the activities that aren’t working.

This will free up money you can use to get a better return. This may seem obvious, but most firms continue to do activities that under-perform. Here’s a sample of things to stop or reduce:

  • TV commercials (unless you run them during live events)
  • Radio commercials (Do you really expect that people who are driving their cars will remember to go to your website after their commute? If you’re getting some business from them, see point #2.)
  • Yellow Page print ads (the most over-priced marketing option in the business world, today)

2. Adjust programs that are working, but not at maximum return.

If you use direct mail, be more focused in your use of lists and test every message you employ.

If your radio ads are working, which air times on which stations? Stop those that aren’t working. Test different ad offers. Can’t tell? Make the ads unique enough to measure.

Google pay-per-click advertising can work, but you have to set it up properly and track what you’re doing in a very precise way. Test different messages and verify the logic of the landing pages where clicks take visitors.

If you do seminars, webinars, trade shows, etc., look at tuning them for better results.

If your website conversion rates are low, tweak the site.

3. Try new techniques.

It’s sad to see how many firms are afraid to try new approaches. Consider using:

  • Online advertising
  • Video
  • Socials media
  • Blogging
  • Podcasts

For the same total dollars you’re currently spending, these three steps will get you more leads. You can do some or all of them. Be sure to be creative in the process, and get started today.

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